Modalities Used

At the Center for Inner Healing and Balance we utilize various modalities and additional tools to help you facilitate inner healing and balance on your pathway to wellness.

During Wellness Healing Sessions the facilitator determines which modalities will help you the most during that session.

Body Code

The Body Code System

Body Code System (BC) — an all-inclusive energy healing modality steeped in rebalancing the body. The Body Code System is a powerful yet gentle energy release of dysfunction in the body stemming from any number of underlying imbalances causing dis-ease in your body. In your life. The body Code provides relief from chronic emotional distress, physical discomfort, sleep issues, and much, much more!

Specifically, The Body Code System is an all-inclusive and potently effective energy healing modality. The primary assumption of The Body Code System is that all dysfunction in the body stems from some combination of underlying imbalances. Healing of the body may be being prevented due to these underlying imbalances, which can be grouped into the following six basic categories Energies whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, (This is where the "Emotion Code" is included.), Circuits & Systems (various types of disconnections of the body), Toxins (chemical, parasitic, radio frequency radiations, etc.), Pathogens, Misalignments, and Nutrition & Lifestyle. Once determined, many of the imbalances can be released or cleared aiding the body in its own healing.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is an effective tool that can aid you in relieving and eliminating dis-ease in your body by unpacking and releasing unseen, prohibitive, emotional baggage.

The Emotion Code is an effortless, yet highly effective method of eliminating old, as well as recent, concealed or "hidden" baggage via the releasing of trapped emotions. These emotions left unresolved can lead to physical dysfunctions of the body as in: aches, then pains, followed by malfunctions, and eventual disease and can have a considerable impact on an individual's relationships, how he or she thinks, the choices made, and the potential of success.

Oftentimes, the releasing of trapped emotions will result in the instant disappearance of repetitive obstructions regarding relationship, self-sabotage, and physical difficulties.

NOTE: At the Center for Inner Healing and Balance, we do combined sessions of the Emotion Code and Body Code System. Although the Emotion Code is a stand alone modality in and of itself, it is also a part of the larger Body Code System modality. (Refer to the Body Code System.)


Simply put, the purpose of Reiki is to treat your body, your whole body. For the most part, once the cause is eliminated, the effects cease.

Reiki is a simple yet potent healing system that facilitates an individual’s own innate response in their body and adapts to both the known and unknown needs of the recipient. This ancient therapeutic art is designed to increase the body’s restorative potential and is a complementary approach to health and any form of treatment being sought, whether it be traditional or alternative. It can also be used alone.

Reiki adapts to the subconscious needs of the recipient. Whether the recipient is aware of the need or not, Reiki Energy will go to the cause and source of the affliction(s). It treats at the point(s) of origination, which may aid in depletion and elimination of symptoms, as well.

On the physical level, Reiki fosters natural self-healing, relieves pain and discomfort, relaxes, and reduces physical stress. Emotionally and mentally, Reiki promotes personal awareness, amplifies a more relaxed state, and reduces stress. Spiritually, it enhances the connection to the Light.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Distant Reiki and Body Code Healing  | Distant Home and Property or Office Clearing

Distant Healing is healing that can occur whether the client and practitioner are in close proximity or afar.

By the expression of energy known as frequency we are able to communicate via cell phone without any seeming connection over great distances. Most people don’t know how it works, yet they know it does work. Distant healing, whether in close proximity or afar, is the same. Most Energy Healing modalities are able to be accomplished from afar because energy is not bound by space. The body’s own natural healing processes occur when its energy is permissibly linked with the practitioner’s.

It does not matter if you're in state, out of state, or even out of the country, the Center for Inner Healing and Balance is here to give you assistance on your healing journey.



Release and relax with the guided breath. The simple fact of the matter is . . . Breathwork is something that cannot be described; it can only truly be experienced.

"Breathwork" releases and balances by doing circular or conscious connected breathing in and out through the mouth. It’s done lying down on your back, in a comfortable position, while music is playing to help motivate, relax and release anything that’s stuck.

Breathwork has a myriad of benefits such as: it can decrease stress, reduce nervousness, improve immunity, detoxify the body, improve focus, relieve pain, release fear, increase energy, increase self-esteem, strengthen the lungs, improve sleep, improve digestion, and increase self-love, etc. Breathwork is different for everybody and different every time. It can be peaceful, yet powerful and profound.

The more you do Breathwork and start to use it for different areas of your life, the more you will see that you can transform your entire life with this incredible practice.

Come and find out for yourself just how amazing it can be!

IMPORTANT: If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or have questions or concerns regarding your health, please, contact your healthcare provider before doing Breathwork.



Hypnosis is a well-known and used method in assisting you to change patterned behavior and solve your normal, every day problems.

Through hypnosis, clients can work on releasing prohibitive energetic connections, strengthening the immune system, addressing issues with the ego, changing patterns of behavior, stress reduction and relaxation, and a host of other issues that impede the progress they desire. The client (who is in control at all times) chooses to see only what is relevant to his task, blocking out everything else.

According to the National Guild of Hypnotists, “An individual’s ability to experience suggested alterations in physiology, sensations, emotions, thoughts, or behavior” hinges on that individual’s choice to be hypnotized” and willingness to accept the given suggestions.



The Hypno-Eye Movement Stress Release Process, or “H-EMP,” is a technique using a combination of hypnosis and eye movement to release suppressed emotions. Using this unique modality can aid in identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs while replacing them with those that are strengthening, uplifting and affirming.


Allergy Clearing Technique

You May Not Have to Live with Allergies! The Allergy Clearing Technique is a new and unique means that may help clear some allergies.  . . . We find out what the body currently sees as an enemy and by stimulating specific points on the body, enable your body to "reset'" and see those substances as a friend.

For further information see: Allergy Clearing Technique.