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Facilitate inner healing and balance on your pathway to wellness.

Facilitate inner healing and balance on your pathway to wellness.

Facilitate inner healing and balance on your pathway to wellness.Facilitate inner healing and balance on your pathway to wellness.


Healing Art of Usui Reiki is a resource for the Reiki Master teaching & attuning students to Reiki.

The Healing Art of Usui Reiki: The Pathway to Self-Discovery - Levels I & II Manual (General Edition)

The Healing Art of Usui Reiki: The Pathway to Self-Discovery - Levels I & II Manual is a resource for the Reiki Master Teacher in teaching and attuning their students to Reiki.

    The manual is an easy progression of learning and applying Reiki Healing regardless of lineage or the method used. It is set up in basic sequential order for the Reiki Master Teacher to teach the essential and fundamental information of the Art of Reiki Healing as well as a thorough overview on chakras, including charts and tables for simpler and quicker obtaining of information.

     This manual contains primary information on the usage of any method of Reiki - Levels I & II, as well as basic historical information on the origins of the Usui Reiki Method in particular.

     It is meant to present the whys, wherefores, and how-tos in a step-by-step fashion for review for the new practitioner in establishing their practice of Reiki.

     The concise information is practical in its application. Two of the sections contained within the manual are “The Process of the Reiki Process” and “The Reiki Process” and are the meat of the manual for the teaching of Reiki by the Reiki Master Teacher and the practical knowledge and application benefitting the beginning Reiki Practitioner, as well.

NOTE: The Usui Reiki symbols and sounds are not provided in this manual for two reasons. First, being that the symbols and sounds passed down to the new Reiki student/practitioner are exclusive to that particular line and lineage of the Reiki Master Teacher. This is evident simply by going online or reading books that have printed the symbols, clearly demonstrating the various differences from one to another of the same symbol. (Regarding this, an understanding needs to be made clear: it is the attunement to the symbols through the Reiki Master Teacher that gives them their powerful effectiveness. Without the attunement, the symbols are merely unreconciled keys that will not open any doors or locks.)

     The second reason for the unpublished symbols and sounds is because this manual is available for purchase by anyone with or without being attuned to Reiki. It is an informative manual containing history and knowledge which is beneficial to all who are seeking how to improve their well-being.

We, the authors, wish to thank you, the Reiki Master Teacher and the future Reiki Practitioner, for allowing us to be a part of your expansion of the “Reiki Healing Circle.”

Indeed, “We Are One”… truly! ~NAMASTÉ

Reiki Precepts Cards


The essence of Dr. Usui's ideals are expressed in the Reiki Precepts Cards (shown above). They are not exclusive to the practice of Reiki, but can be used by anyone wishing to apply the teachings in their life. Use these cards at home with your family, with your clients in your healing practice, or distribute them to your students on their journey to becoming alternative healing practitioners themselves...

In order for treatments to be successful, Dr. Mikao Usui recognized an exchange needed to occur between the client and practitioner. Without the exchange, the client tended to place little or no value on the treatments being sought and would end up not reaping the healing benefits Reiki (or any other type of healing modality) had to offer. Dr. Usui knew there needed to be a set of standards or guides to live by in order for a person to achieve a sense of peace, healing and continual progression.

Dr. Usui admired Emperor Meiji’s writings and the remarkable change he witnessed taking place in his country. His life’s experiences, such as his religious studies, working in the department of health and welfare, as well as prisoner rehabilitation, etc., compelled him to a search for the meaning of life and how to achieve it. He wanted to bring Emperor Meiji’s unifying change down to the individual. He knew that the body (to include all parts: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) could be treated and healed, if it came together as one. After in-depth study of Emperor Meiji’s writings, Dr. Usui came up with the standards that would become the keystone in the healing process of making the body whole. These ideals became known as Dr. Usui’s Original Reiki Precepts and are the foundation of Reiki practice.  


Chestahedron a 7-sided 3-dimensional form of sacred geometry made by the Center for Inner Healing...

The Chestahedron

In 2000, Frank Chester, famed geometrician, artist and sculptor, discovered a seven-sided, three dimensional form of sacred geometry, based on the human heart and the earth, now known as the “CHESTAHEDRON.” The name is derived from the relationship that the shape of the object has to the geometry of the human heart, which is located in the chest. Through his many years of experimentation with this sacred geometrical shape, Chester also discovered the shape has a direct correlation within the earth itself and its vibrations.

This heptahedron consists of four equilateral triangles and three quadrilateral “kite” shapes. All seven sides are equal to each other in surface area.

Seven; the chestahedron is based on the number. It is a sacred number that aligns with the earth. For example, think of the seven wonders of the world. 

Seven is also important to humans. There are seven major chakras, seven auras, and seven regular notes in a music scale. It is a number reflective of focus and analysis, introspection and intuition, inner wisdom, discernment and listening to the inner-self, determination and persistence of purpose, spiritual awakening, as well as spiritual gifts. Seven represents truth.

Every step of the way Frank Chester felt divinely inspired throughout his discovery of the chestahedron. It is, indeed, a remarkable, artistic, healing tool.

Through our use of chestahedrons at the Center for Inner Healing and Balance, we have discovered the potential of its healing properties, such as: transforming negative energy into positive energy and grounding capabilities, which directly relates to linking our human bodies with the earth. We use the chestahedrons during our sessions with our clients, as well as transforming and maintaining the energy in our office and homes, etc. 

We began making chestahedrons for our use at the center and quickly learned that the exact angles and sharp edges made an impact on the energy output of the chestahedron. Other healers sensing the positive energy contained in the chestahedron began requesting we make them a chestahedron for use in their practices as well.

Each chestahedron the Center for Inner Healing and Balance makes is quality made with extreme attention to detail. Asking and intuition guides the entire process, even down to the finishing coat. These beautiful geometrical shapes are not made of solid wood, but individually cut pieces of fine wood hand fitted together. We strive to make each specific chestahedron as meticulously accurate as possible.

The makers of the chestahedrons at the center are attuned and certified Reiki master teachers. The final step in making the chestahedron is placing the healing Reiki symbols within each one.

We, at the Center for Inner Healing and Balance, look forward to your discovery of the healing potential contained within these energetic tools.

They currently come in six sizes: 

3” & 4” - These extra small and small chestahedrons are ideal for clearing negative energy from bedrooms, treatment rooms, small cars and electronic devices. If needed, they are also just the right size for holding in the hand by the practitioner or client. 

6” & 8” - These medium sized chestahedrons are excellent in maintaining positive energy in medium to large sized rooms. Interestingly, we have also found chestahedrons (of any size) have the ability to transform the negative energy smart meters emit.*

9” - 12” - Ideally, these large chestahedrons can be used in homes or a small suite of offices to help maintain a positive energy flow. Practitioners can also place these large chestahedrons under their client tables while assisting their clients.

* Results my vary depending on the size of discharge interference.